special 4 all my bel0ved friends

All day starting at the ceiling
Making friends with shadows on my wall
Passed time I went through
Crops up messing in my head

I know now how it feels
And I guess she’s right
We learn to love and we lost
We never realized what we’ve got till it’s gone
Now that you’re gone
Nothing I can do to make you come
We used to smile and stand here together once
Sharing laughter and pain
All the ways
Through ups and downs
Win or lose

Thanks for your love
That you gave me
There’ll be no word in dictionary that would define
The way I feel
How I appreciate the moments we’ve shared
There’s no place in this world where
I could find somebody like you
It’s hard to say goodbye
But we have to
To make our dream come true
Farewall friends
I hope there’s still tomorrow
When I open my eyes again
For us to stay and breathe

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